How to Brew: Aeropress

How to Brew: Aeropress

Aeropress is amongst our favourite manual brewing methods, as it has the potential to produce juicier flavors as compared to regular paper filter pourovers, and smoother and rounder texture compared to a French press.

The principle behind Aeropress is that it is a hybrid between immersion dripper (method used for cupping and French press) and filter brewing (regular pourover). By being able to press the coffee, Aeropress gives you a great flexibility in brewing different type of recipes.


Aerobie Aeropress
2 x Aeropress Microfilters or 1x Able disk filter
14-16g of filter roast coffee, medium-coarse grind
Sturdy vessel
220ml fresh water, heated to just below boiling (approximately 98°C)


Place the filter inside the cap and screw it onto the base of the Aeropress. Then preheat the Aeropress by pouring plenty of hot water into the upper brew chamber; this will also rid your filters of any papery residue. Once hot, place the Aeropress on top of the vessel and place both on to a scale, then tare.



Add the ground coffee to your Aeropress and tare the scale. With a coffee to water ratio of 1:2 (eg. 14g of coffee to 28g of water), add hot water to saturate the grinds. Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.


Pour the remaining water until the scale reads 220g. Stir back and forth for 10 seconds


Insert the end of the plunger into your Aeropress. Using firm, even pressure, press down on the plunger – making sure to stop before the rubber meets coffee grinds. This should take around 30 seconds.


Drink as is, or dilute with a splash of water or milk.

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